About Us

As a well established Foil Manufacturer in East London we have years of experience in producing quality products for the catering and wholesale Industries.

Our attention to quality is probably what sets FCMUK aside from other companies in the industry. The quality control at FCMUK is a constant factor. With fully automated production lines, our operators are continually overseeing the production flow to ensure that no inferior products ever leave our production lines.

Our workforce is a key part to our success and their level of commitment can be illustrated by the products that we produce. We are constantly trying to improve procedures, improve employee training so that we can all be proud of our business.

Located in Barking (Essex), FCMUK’s location is ideal for transport links to the M11, M25, A13.

We continuously strive to keep costs down in a market where the raw material prices are consistently getting higher, to produce a premium grade product and assure that any purchase will be of a benchmark standard and the customer always gets a reliable but first class service.

The raw material that we use is purpose fit for food use and is coated with a fine coat of lubricant which is FDA approved. The purpose of the lubrication is to maintain a consistent output from our presses.

Our raw material is sourced only from suppliers whose mills are equipped with up to date process controls allowing us to have complete traceability.

We acknowledge that the role we play in the manufacturing process plays a vital role in the successful running of our customers businesses. Therefore it is of utmost importance that we work closely with all our suppliers and customers in order to provide products that offer good quality at competitive prices.


FCMUK was founded by three brothers who saw a gap in the market to produce and sell aluminium foil containers and lids to the catering and wholesale industries. The current factory is in Barking and is around 18,000 sq. meters. However, the company is now at a point where they are looking for larger premises in order to cater for the expansion and future growth of the business.


Our commitment to quality is paramount to our success and is acknowledged within the industry.

We have introduced a full HACCP hazard analysis programme in order to help prevent the possibility of cross contamination.


We are committed to doing our part in protecting the environment and subsequently lowering our carbon footprint. Aluminium is a material that is easily recyclable and therefore allows a valuable resource to be used again.

Recycling aluminium effectively reduces the demand for the equivalent quantity of primary (virgin) aluminium which would need to be mined. This represents a huge energy saving as processing re-cycled aluminium requires 95% less energy than the equivalent quantity of primary metal produced from bauxite. This in turn reduces our dependence on natural resources and ensures that they are used efficiently and effectively globally.