Aluminium foil containers are extremely versatile, eco-friendly and an attractive packaging solution to today’s takeaway/packaging demand. The natural adaptability and multi-purpose quality of aluminium products sees them being utilised in all sectors worldwide.
Advantages of Aluminium Foil Containers:

  • Aluminium is unaffected by extreme temperatures which can be experienced throughout the food industry manufacturing processes. They can go from the freezer (without risk of shattering/fracturing) to the oven without (burning, melting or discolouring)
  • Aluminium promotes product freshness and increased shelf life.
  • Once shaped, aluminium foil will retain its shape. The folds and curves in the formed container give it great strength and allow it to be used on high speed automated lines without concerns about damage. Aluminium foil is lightweight for its strength on a like for like basis with other packaging materials.

Aluminium is inert and does not support micro-organisms. It does not pass on any odours or tastes to any product contained in it

  • Aluminium has a high thermal conductivity which speeds the process in both baking and freezing. It also holds temperature extremely well.
  •  Aluminium is 100% recyclable and has a lower impact on the environment than plastic or other alternatives.
  •  Aluminium can be used in all conventional ovens as well as microwave ovens.